What is an act of protest?

1 : a complaint or objection against an idea, an act, or a way of doing things. 2 : an event in which people gather to show disapproval of something. protest.

How do you use the word protest?

Protest sentence example

  1. She began to protest but he stopped her. …
  2. He began to protest but she waved him aside. …
  3. When Lori opened her mouth to protest , he continued. …
  4. You view it as your duty to protest when people who do not hold to those values gain power. …
  5. She collected a handful of the material in modest protest .

What is a loud protest?

Definitions of outcry. a loud utterance; often in protest or opposition. synonyms: call, cry, shout, vociferation, yell.

Is Protestable a word?

Protestable is an adjective. The adjective is the word that accompanies the noun to determine or qualify it.

What are examples of protest?

Students protested at the civil rights rally. They were protesting against the death penalty. Peace activists protested the war. She protested that the law was unfair.

What do you call someone who protests?

A protester—also spelled protestor—is a person who participates in a protest. A protest is “an expression or declaration of objection, disapproval, or dissent, often in opposition to something a person is powerless to prevent or avoid.” … The word protest is first recorded in English in the 1300s.

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What does outcry mean in English?

English Language Learners Definition of outcry

: an expression of strong anger or disapproval by many people : a reaction showing that people are angry or unhappy about something. See the full definition for outcry in the English Language Learners Dictionary. outcry. noun.

What is the similar meaning of protested?

Some common synonyms of protest are affirm, assert, avow, and declare. While all these words mean “to state positively usually in anticipation of denial or objection,” protest emphasizes affirming in the face of denial or doubt. protested that he really had been misquoted.

What is the opposite of protesters?

What is the opposite of protest?

deny gainsay
invalidate question
refuse reject
renounce repudiate
be quiet disclaim

What is the best synonym of protest?

synonyms for protest

  • challenge.
  • demonstration.
  • dissent.
  • objection.
  • outcry.
  • question.
  • revolt.
  • riot.

Is protest Against correct?

If you protest against something or about something, you say or show publicly that you object to it. … In American English, you usually say that you protest it.

What defines a peaceful protest?

A peaceful protest, also known as nonviolent resistance or nonviolent action, is the act of expressing disapproval through a statement or action without the use of violence.

Do you protest against something?

If you protest something or protest against something, you say or show publicly that you object to it. … A protest is the act of saying or showing publicly that you object to something. The opposition now seems too weak to stage any serious protests against the government.

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