Your question: How big is the Rock Church San Diego?

What is the largest church in San Diego?

Rock Church (San Diego)

Rock Church
Location 2277 Rosecrans St., San Diego, CA 92106
Country United States
Denomination Non-denominational
Weekly attendance 15,000 +

How many people go to the Rock Church?

Sunday services at the five Rocks regularly attract a combined 25,000 people, more than five times the population of Del Mar. Large buildings and even larger congregations are common among nondenominational evangelical megachurches, the fastest-growing piece of the mosaic that is religion in America.

How much money does the Rock Church make a year?

The Rock Church has 190 total employees across all of its locations and generates $42.19 million in sales (USD).

Where is the largest church by membership & attendance in the world?

The largest megachurch in the world by attendance is South Korea’s Yoido Full Gospel Church, an Assemblies of God church, with more than 830,000 members as of 2007. The largest church auditorium, Glory Dome, was inaugurated in 2018 with 100,000 seats, in Abuja, Nigeria.

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Who is the pastor of the Rock Church?

David Archibeck – pastor – the rock church and world outreach center | LinkedIn.

When was the Rock Church founded?

Gimenez and his wife founded Rock Church, one of South Hampton Roads’ first megachurches, in Virginia Beach in 1968.

What denomination is miles McPherson?

After battling a drug problem, McPherson became a born again Christian in 1984, and began participating in religious outreach programs. In September 1986, he retired from football; the next week, he enrolled in Azusa Pacific University’s School of Theology.

How many churches are in San Diego?

The diocese comprises Imperial and San Diego Counties in the Southern California and has more than 100 churches.

What does it mean when a church is non-denominational?

A non-denominational church is a Christian church that holds no connection with the recognized denominations and mainline churches such as the Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, or Methodist churches. Church denominations are larger organizations that hold a particular identity, set of beliefs, and traditions.

How much does pastor at Rock Church make?

Rock Church Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Pastor Range:$43k – $105k (Estimated *) Average:$69,613
Senior Pastor Range:$46k – $113k (Estimated *) Average:$73,863
Technical Director Range:$42k – $86k (Estimated *) Average:$60,570
Worship Pastor Range:$28k – $66k (Estimated *) Average:$45,338

Who pastors the biggest church in the world?

With about 480,000 members, it is the largest Pentecostal Christian congregation in South Korea. Founded by David Yonggi Cho and Choi Ja-shil in 1958, the church is presently led by Young Hoon Lee.

Yoido Full Gospel Church.

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Yoido Full Gospel Church 여의도 순복음 교회
Capacity 12,000
Senior pastor(s) Young Hoon Lee, in 2008
Pastor(s) 526

What is the biggest church in the USA?

Full list

Church City Denomination
Briarwood Presbyterian Church Birmingham Presbyterian Church in America
Bridgeway Community Church Columbia Non-denominational
Broadmoor Baptist Church Madison Southern Baptist Convention
Brookland Baptist Church West Columbia

What is the biggest evangelical church in the US?

Large churches from other denominations, like Catholicism, are not included as they are not deemed to belong to the megachurch phenomenon which by definition is part of Protestantism.


Name Lakewood Church
Description Nondenominational Christianity
City Houston
Country USA
Average weekly attendance 52,000