Question: How does ponyboy react to being in the abandoned church?

That style comes out through Ponyboy. As I said, Ponyboy tries to stay neutral in his description of the church. He talks about how the church is off by itself. He tells the reader that it was small, and he tells the reader that it was covered in spiderwebs.

What does Ponyboy come to realize while hiding out in the abandoned church?

Waking up in a church with the dull realization that Johnny’s killing of Bob and the flight from the law really did happen, Ponyboy daydreams about being with Darry and Soda and how wonderful life was at home. … Soda had discovered Pony’s sweatshirt at Buck’s and realized that Dally knew where Pony was hiding.

What feeling did Ponyboy get being in the church?

On their walk up the mountain to the church, they notice that their appearances contrast sharply with the country culture. The church gives Ponyboy a creepy feeling, perhaps a premonition, but sleep overtakes both boys and any fears or premonitions are lost to exhaustion.

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What happened at the abandoned church in the outsiders?

In The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, the old, abandoned church on top of Jay Mountain is the place that Johnny and Ponyboy (both members of the Greasers gang) go to run away. Here, they hide out and gain perspective after Johnny kills Bob, who is part of the Socs (the Greasers’ rival gang), in self-defense.

Why does Ponyboy not go to church anymore?

Why do Ponyboy and Johnny not go to church anymore? They’ve been asked not to come. Soda, Steve, and Two-Bit went with them and embarrassed them.

How does Ponyboy react when he realizes Johnny killed Bob?

He is lying on the pavement next to Johnny. Bob’s bloody corpse is nearby. Johnny says, “I killed him,” and Ponyboy sees Johnny’s switchblade, dark to the hilt with blood. Ponyboy panics, but Johnny remains calm.

Who kills dally?

How does Dally die? The policemen kill Dally. After Johnny dies in the hospital, Dally is so upset, he runs away from Ponyboy and robs a grocery store. The police chase him to the empty lot where the greasers hang out.

What does the abandoned church symbolize in the outsiders?

What is the symbolism for the church? The church was a safe haven for both Ponyboy and Johnny. It was a hideout for them as they were hiding from the crime that was committed. It was a place that allowed them to be themselves and reflect on their lives.

Who burned down the church in the outsiders?

It is just after he, Johnny, and Dally entered the burning church to rescue the children who had gone inside. Jerry, one of the adults in charge of the children, is telling Ponyboy that Dally came out all right, but that Johnny was badly burned by a falling beam. He goes on to praise the three boys for their heroics.

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What are Cherry and Marcia’s boyfriends names?

2. Who were Cherry and Marcia’s boyfriends? They were Bob and Randy, two of the Socs who beat up Johnny.

Why did Ponyboy go to church?

Pony went to Church with his parents, and wanted to continue going to mass after their deaths.

How is Johnny Hurt who saves him?

Johnny pushes Ponyboy out of the window, and then Ponyboy hears Johnny scream. … When Ponyboy wakes, he is in an ambulance, accompanied by one of the schoolteachers, Jerry Wood. The teacher tells him that his back caught on fire and that the jacket he was wearing, which Dally lent him, saved his life.

How long did Ponyboy and Johnny stay at the church?

10. How long were Ponyboy and Johnny hiding out in the church? Ponyboy and Johnny are at the church for five days.

Did Ponyboy faint when Johnny died?

At home, he finds the greasers gathered in the living room and tells them that Johnny is dead and that Dally has broken down. Dally calls and says he just robbed a grocery store and is running from the police. … Ponyboy muses that Dally wanted to die. Feeling dizzy and overwhelmed, Ponyboy passes out.

What did Johnny mean when he told Ponyboy to stay gold?

“Stay gold” is a reference to the Robert Frost poem that Ponyboy recites to Johnny when the two hide out in the Windrixville Church. One line in the poem reads, “Nothing gold can stay,” meaning that all good things must come to an end. … Here, Johnny urges Ponyboy to remain gold, or innocent.

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Why does Cherry say she cant visit Johnny?

On the way home, Ponyboy and Two-Bit see Cherry Valance in her Corvette. She says that the Socs have agreed to fight with no weapons. Ponyboy asks her to go see Johnny, but she says she cannot because Johnny killed Bob.