How do you cite the Bible in Chicago turabian?

How do you cite the Bible in Turabian? To cite the Bible in Turabian style, you only need to include an in-text citation in both author-date and notes-bibliography. The author-date in-text citation looks like: (Book Chapter:Verse [Version]).

Do you cite the Bible in Chicago?

Cite the Bible in footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical notes. You do not need to include the Bible in your bibliography.

How do you cite the NIV Bible in turabian?

The Holy Bible, New International Version. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, 1984.

How do you cite the King James Bible in Chicago?

Author-Date Bible Citation in Chicago

In either the sentence or the citation, include the book, chapter, verse(s), and translation with the first mention. Use the standard abbreviations for the books, and place the citation at the end of the sentence. For example: Jesus said, “Quote” (John 8:31–32 KJV).

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How do you cite a Bible commentary in turabian?

Author Last Name, First Name. “Title of Chapter,” In Title of Commentary. Vol. # of Title of Work, edited by Editor’s Name, inclusive page #s.

Do you have to cite the Bible in turabian?

Chicago/Turabian style only requires you to cite the Bible in the text of your essay. However both APA and MLA current editions require you to cite the Bible both in the text and in your reference list.

How do you cite the Bible Gateway in Chicago?

Bible Gateway, International-Version-NIV-Bible/ Wright, N.T., translator. The Kingdom New Testament: A Contemporary Translation. 1st ed., Harper One, 2011. (usually the title of the edition), followed by a comma, and then the passage.

How do you cite the Qur’an in Chicago?

Citations of transliterated texts should indicate the name of the version or translator. The Koran (or Qur’an) is set in roman, and citations of its sections use arabic numerals and colons (e.g., Koran 19:17–21).

How do you cite a Bible note?

This person’s name can be found in the beginning of the book or at the front of the Bible. The notes should be cited like they come from an article written by the person in the edited volume that is the Bible.

Does Turabian use in text citations?

The Turabian citation style offers two different documentation systems. … (IT) In-Text Author & Date Information Parentheses should enclose in-text references. When page numbers are required, they should be separated by a comma. (R) Reference List.

Is Bible capitalized Chicago style?

Always capitalize “Bible” when referencing the religious text but do not italicize (except when used in the title of a published work). … For example, The Bible is the world’s best selling book.

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How do you cite the Bible NRSV?

When you first refer to a particular version, include the name, a comma, and then the passage. Examples: (New Revised Standard Version, John 3.16) (New Jerusalem Bible, Ezek. 2.6-8) • After this, only include the scripture reference, unless you switch versions.

How do you cite the Bible Chicago date?

Create In-Text Citations for the Bible

When you cite the Bible in notes-biblio style, simply include the version within parentheses. Author-Date Style Example: (2 Kings 11:8 [New Living Translation]) (2 Kings 11:8 [NLT])

How do you cite a Bible dictionary?

Citing the Anchor Bible Dictionary (ABD)

  1. the name of the author of the article (found at the end of the article, following the bibligraphy)
  2. the title of the article (found at very beginning of the article)
  3. the volume number and the page numbers of the article (found at the top of the page)

How do you cite a Bible study tool?

Bible Study Tools Online, Reference List Style (accompanies parenthetical references): Schaefer, Glenn E. 1996.