How do I change my username on YouVersion Bible?

Open settings in Your Bible Version account under More menu. Scroll down to account details. Then you can change your username along with your email address.

How do I change my username on YouVersion Bible App?

Select Control Panel from the Settings menu. Change your account name in the User Accounts window by selecting Change Your Account Name.

What is wrong with the YouVersion Bible App?

YouVersion Bible is notorious for privacy violations and dangerous data collection. Yet, here it is: still seated firmly in the Play Store, racking up over 100 million installs with a whopping 22 permission requests.

Who is behind YouVersion Bible App?

“As technologies emerge and create new possibilities, it’s important to us that the Bible be at the forefront of innovation,” said Bobby Gruenewald, Life. Church Pastor, Innovation Leader and YouVersion Founder.

What church made the YouVersion Bible? is a tech-savvy evangelical church started by pastor Craig Groeschel in 1996. YouVersion is largely the brainchild of LifeChurch.

Why is it called YouVersion?

EDMOND – In 2007, Decatur native Bobby Gruenewald created a Bible website for his church, dubbed “YouVersion,” that was designed to allow users to associate online media such as YouTube videos or Flickr photos with Bible verses.

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What denomination is YouVersion?

YouVersion, with over 600 Bible translations in more than 400 languages, is by far the church’s biggest success. The app is nondenominational, including versions embraced by Catholics, Russian Orthodox and Messianic Jews.

Is YouVersion a good Bible app?

It seems to be a great app to have enabled, because even though I have been reading the plans and they daily verse and found it comforting, having Alexia read it to me made Mr feel as if I had a friend here with me, I live alone and am disabled so to hear another voice reading Bible scripture was so very comforting.

How old is YouVersion Bible app?


Available in English, interface available in 60 languages
Owner Life.Church
Registration Optional
Launched 2008

Where is YouVersion located?

Gruenewald and his wife, Melissa, live in Edmond, Oklahoma with their four children.

Which Bible App has all the versions?

Holy Bible (Multi Version) for Android

Holy Bible (Multi Version) is a powerful Bible Reader which has possibility to download different versions of Bible to your Android device.