Did Cary Grant Ice skate in Bishop’s Wife?

Although Grant, Young and Gleason did do some of their own ice skating in the Bishop’s Wife, the dance sequence was done by skaters who were not credited.

Who did the skating in Bishops wife?

Turner partnered with Sonja Henie during her tour and in Iceland in 1942. He also performed as a skating double for Cary Grant in The Bishop’s Wife in 1948, and for Patric Knowles in the Abbott & Costello comedy, Hit the Ice in 1943.

What did Cary Grant think of the bishop’s wife?

As the movie arcs toward its climax, Grant seems confused by his growing fondness for Niven’s beautiful, innocent wife. When he informs her that his time with their family is growing short, Young asks if she will ever see him again. “They never send us to the same place twice,” says Grant, with a wistful smile.

Is Cary Grant an angel in the bishop’s wife?

Cary Grant’s suave, charismatic angel is the main reason to see craftsman Koster’s sentimental, verbose serio-comedy about a bishop (David Niven) struggling with marriage and funds for new church; A Christmas staple along with It’s a Wonderful Life.

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What is the name of the character Cary Grant plays in the bishop’s wife?

Plot. Bishop Henry Brougham (David Niven), troubled with funding the building of a new cathedral, prays for divine guidance. His plea is seemingly answered by a suave angel named Dudley (Cary Grant), who reveals his identity only to the clergyman.

Is the preacher wife a remake of the Bishop wife?

The film is a remake of the 1947 “The Bishop’s Wife,” which starred Cary Grant as the angel and David Niven and Loretta Young as the church couple.

How old was Cary Grant when he made the bishop’s wife?

Goldwyn promptly borrowed Loretta Young from RKO. The film holds up today thanks both to Pulitzer Prize-winner Robert E. Sherwood’s clever, literate script and the strength of the cast. First and foremost, here is Cary Grant, at 43 in his absolute prime.

What religion is the bishop in the bishop’s wife?

A debonair angel comes to Earth to help an Episcopalian bishop and his wife in their quest to raise money for the new church.

Was Bishop’s Wife colorized?

I watched The Bishop’s Wife on Christmas Day and although it was not colorized it still remains a holiday favorite. It depicts an American culture of a much gentler time, plus, American actresses in the 30s and 40s were much more highly accomplished than their counterparts of today and are a joy to watch.

What is the plot of the bishops wife?

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