Overview of the Slot Game PiggyPop Keen observers may be able to untangle the riddle of PiggyPop by separating the two halves of the title.

The first section has anything to do with the topic, which is swine-like characters (piggybankers) of various kinds. Pop is shorthand for AvatarUX’s rapidly expanding PopWins slot machine line. Considering how frequently the firm has produced new games centered on the PopWins mechanism with varying themes and ancillary features, we’ve pretty well lost count.

It may be argued that early PopWins games were more varied, but it now appears like AvatarUX has settled into a comfortable rhythm, and their most recent releases have all seemed quite similar to one another. The Asian inspiration from the series’s inception in PopRocks has been abandoned in favor of a jazzy, flashy, bright, chromed style. Swapping it out with pigs in various stances and a vague reference to a bank that isn’t quite as prominent as it may be in games of this type.

The first thing you’ll notice about PiggyPop is the new addition of a second row and reel above the standard fare. The action is now shown on a default 6-row, 4-reel grid, with 4,096 possible outcomes. When three or more identical symbols appear on consecutive reels in a left-to-right pattern, the player is awarded a prize. With each win, the PopWins function discussed below is activated. The PiggyPop RTP decrease to 95.5% isn’t terrible, but it is the lowest in the PopWins lineup, so it does take some of the shine off of this game. Theoretically, the purchase of the feature adds no value. The success rate is 18.93%, making just under one in every five spins a winner, however the volatility is rather high.

The four highest paying symbols on the paytable all depict pigs, with the golden pig paying out 3 times the wager for a full house. The lower-value symbols include the letters Q through A, as well as perfume bottles, cocktail glasses, and diamonds. No scatters or wilds are used in PiggyPop, therefore that’s it for symbols as well.

The Slot’s Piggyback Functions

Sure enough, a tally shows that PiggyPop occupies the eighth spot in the series and provides the same essential characteristic as its predecessors. As winning combos are cleared off the grid, the PopWins mechanism doubles the height of the reels and the amount of possible paylines by swapping out each symbol for two new ones. It goes on if the other symbols result in more wins. Rows and ways quickly accumulate in PopWins, as anybody who has played the game knows. With all 9 columns in play, you’ll have 93,312 opportunities to win during the main game; during the free spins bonus round, you’ll have 524,288 ways to win. In the absence of any further victories, the grid will revert to its initial size.

The PiggyPop Free Spins bonus is triggered in the main game if you manage to raise the height of all reels to 6 places high. It starts with a chance to spin the Gamble Wheel before anyone really plays. Winning the first gamble makes the initial game grid five rows high, and winning the second gamble makes it six rows high.

Each victory in the bonus game returns the number of spins to 3. Instead of all the reels collapsing back to their original size, the feature resets the height of the extended reels to the height of the smallest reel. If, before a spin, three rows were eight positions high and two were seven, the latter would return to its previous height before the following spin. During the free spins bonus round, a progressive win multiplier is in effect, beginning at x2 and growing by +1 after each PopWin. During this feature, the multiplier does not reset.

As if that weren’t enough, the golden pig emerges during free games with a multiplier, making it the most valuable symbol overall. Value of multiplier is proportional to number of golden swine in field of vision. For every golden pig that can be seen, the payout is increased by 4. Golden Pig multipliers are initially worth x4, but if all reels reach 8 rows high, their value is doubled, so that if 4 are visible, for example, their multiplier will be x8 instead of x4.

You may choose between two feature bundles when purchasing PiggyPop. The most common one requires a 100x wager investment and grants access to free spins and the wheel gamble feature. The other is called the MAX Bonus, and it allows you to play a 6-row game grid for free if you’re willing to wager 400 times your initial bet.

The PiggyPop: Slot Decision

It’s clear that AvatarUX is milking the cash cow for all it’s worth as the series nears ten million in sales. Are they, however, about to run dry on concepts? For its most recent games, PopWins has stuck with tried-and-true slot machine themes like “piggy banks” and “candy bars.” Unsurprisingly, PopWins-powered games appear to fare best when they adhere to more conventional themes. Maybe Avatar UX has caught on and is making more and more of these mass-market bundles to satisfy demand. AvatarUX may have a hit on its hands with PiggyPop because it is a common-theme slot.

On the other hand, gamers are unlikely to be enthusiastic about the endless stream of PopWins releases because of how similar each new game is to the last. Sooner or later, AvatarUX may need to come up with some type of totally innovative feature to keep the series current since these games increasingly rely on small subtleties to set them different. PiggyPop, however, fails to shake things up and instead delivers a standard PopWins experience without any truly groundbreaking innovations. Probably one of their most fascinating themes to date, the central idea here is sure to stand out.

While the PopWins aficionados might be expecting more from PiggyPop, the game still manages to provide some fun and exciting gameplay with its popping, expanding, and powering into free spins.






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